The future is bright for us as we pursue God and His righteousness.  Consider Joseph,.  He was so innocent and so excited about his life because his dad had always lavished love and acceptance upon him, and God had placed impossible dreams in his heart. But, through the dealings of God in his life, at one point,  he became a slave. This is  certainly not the  plan in our minds for happiness and success.   But, God’s favor changes everything.   Notice, as you read the account of this young man’s life in Genesis, that God’s favor was always present with him. Just imagine waking up in prison and that very same day……Genesis 41:42-43  “Pharaoh removed his signet ring from his hand and put it on Joseph’s hand, clothed him with fine linen garments, and placed a gold chain around his neck.  He had Joseph ride in his second chariot, and servants called out before him, “Abrek!”    (Meaning: Attention or Kneel)   God’s favor did that forJoseph!   Over and over the Bible declares, “God was with him…..”  And success always came his way.
His resume wouldn’t have made a good impression by any of our standards today.  He had been dropped into a pit by his “loving” brothers, who then sold him into slavery.  Then, his next address was prison, or as the Bible says, “Dungeon.” The memories of his father,  as he spent years incarcerated,  must have helped chase away the fears of what had happened.  Much time passed, and discouragement came,  but the dreams in his heart from his Heavenly Father were constantly with him.  
Life may not be going like you planned, but Jeremiah says all God’s plans for you are good with  a future and a hope.  Let’s encourage ourselves realizing God’s favor is with us just as it was with Joseph, and let us purpose to keep God’s dreams alive in our hearts.  Perhaps, we only need to spend some quiet time in His presence to know what our destiny involves. Let me challenge you to  read about Joseph this week and meditate on these things.  (Genesis 41)