What a wonderful time of year!  People seem to become more generous and less self-centered as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The clerks in the stores seem extra polite and there are Christmas carols and Christmas music playing everywhere you go.  

“The Christmas Spirit” seems to put a new thrill into life and energizes us to be more joyful and happy.  Circumstances haven’t changed, problems didn’t disappear, and yet there’s a calm and peaceful attitude about us that gives us the sense that all is well.  We’re all anticipating family dinners and giving gifts, spending time with friends, and decorating to let the world know that the King of Glory has visited Earth and imparted His life to us.

I’m asking myself, why don’t we act like it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas all year long?  And it occurred to me that it’s simply because at this time, we do what Jesus did many times when He was here in His Earthly ministry.  He lifted up His eyes, or He gained a new perspective by refocusing His thoughts.  You and I do that very thing during the holiday season.  Everyday we are thinking of others more than ourselves and it lifts us out of our humdrum state of mind!  

So, as we go through the days ahead, let us purpose to continually direct our thoughts to the task of blessing others and we can enjoy the “Christmas Spirit” year round.