It’s hard to believe the summer months seem to come so slowly and then pass so quickly!  As we enjoy the fresh vegetables and fruits we need to remember the wise farmer.  He knows each season has purpose and  he uses the summertime to plant and grow the harvest.  In our lives, summer brings to us a “kickback and relax” attitude, but also, with the extra daylight time, we should take advantage of the planting and growing of the fruit of the spirit in our daily lives. (Galatians 5:22-23)  It’s a good time to begin to store up for the cold days of winter.  The Bible reminds us to take a look at the ant.  Proverbs 6:6 tells us we should consider this tiny creature and be wise.  Without an overseer or a ruler, the ant is busy about the business of preparing for the days ahead.  So as you recharge physically with a little summer fun, don’t neglect the “inner man” that part of you which thrives on the eternal.  A daily diet of prayer and Bible study or reading is necessary in all seasons!