We’ve often said that one word from God can change your life forever!  I’ve said it many times just to myself realizing the many changes that have occurred in my life since I began to take the Word of God, the Bible, to heart.  So, as I’ve talked about that one word, I’ve been simply considering the written Word. However, the Bible uses two Greek words defined as God’s Word.  One is “logos” which is simply the written word or the Bible.  “Rhema” refers to the personal speaking of God to us, which can happen in prayer, Bible reading, or prophetic words spoken by ministers of the Gospel.  This “rhema” is like an “AHA” moment when God reveals truth to us.  Psalms 119:49, “Remember the word [you gave] me. Through it you gave me hope.” (God’s Word Translation)  Hope comes when we hear God speak to us.  It’s life changing and encouraging. The habit of rehearsing  the words God has spoken into our lives is a very helpful habit!   As we do, remember nothing is impossible to Him that believes and no Word from God is impossible of fulfillment!  Have a good week!